Another great blog from Spencer. I think he is right, although I’ll admit that when I first got back into the hobby I picked up a couple of kits and then decided I couldn’t do them justice, so I picked up some cheaper models to practice on before giving them a bash.


The thought that a kit that was on sale was beyond me, never once crossed my mind, though looking back on it from this distant hill on which I may die, nor should it have.

Though I would like to say that many of the outrageously entertaining talking points within this Blog are from my own fevered imagination, I feel that I should perhaps come clean and admit that most if not all, are often the result of other modellers’ thoughts and opinions. Yes, my fellow travellers, cuckoo-like, I collect ideas, stash them in my head and then let them fly when the time is right. Today’s talking point is just such an example of this theft of intellectual property and proof, if proof were needed, that I don’t have an original thought in my head…

The other night, during one of those frustrating periods when sleep seemed to…

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